Deep within the Darkewood where The Nightfolk seldom venture, there are long forgotten places shrouded in mystery and fear.

Twisted and ruinous shadow-drenched haunts, overgrown and seemingly long since abandoned.

Ancient barrows wrapped in gloom, their secret entrances to night-haunted halls long since revealed by the tearing roots of the forest.

Only the bravest (or most foolish…) of adventurers would dare to quest for the fabled treasures within…


Well who doesn’t love treasure ?

We certainly do.

Spending many long gaming sessions exploring dungeons, caverns and mysterious ruins eager for reward.

Battling through deadly foes to be the first to claim the fabled riches promised by legend, rumour or cryptic verse .

Yes, we LOVE treasure!

Although nothing beats pure imagination, we always think that if you are playing games with fantastic rules, beautiful fantasy miniatures and great friends, then the scenery and accessories you use should match the occasion.

We quickly realised we want the gaming pieces we use to be a little bit more quirky and atmospheric than we can find from other manufacturers.

With this in mind we decided to make our own…

Launching later this year, our ‘Toadshrooms and Treasures’ miniature range of gaming accessories, will include:

Creepy scenics, long-forgotten enchanted artefacts, cursed treasure piles and mysterious arcane relics from lucky (and not so lucky…) adventures.

….oh and a pair of magical boots…

Sculpting is well under way and we hope to have previews very soon.
More news and photos on the blog nearer launch…