Here is a piece of wonderful concept art by Phil Adamson (fladamson on instagram) for one of the miniatures, featuring in our upcoming Curious Case of The Cats of Crumptown Kickstarter.

The master cast of ‘Wilbur’ recently came back from the The Mouldmaker and really is a beautifully detailed sculpt.

Once we have him inked up and promo photos are taken we will put the final unpainted images into the blog for all of you to see .

Martin has really captured the essence of the drawing and sculpted a fantastic D&D miniature .

He is just as imposing in the flesh or in his case metal weighing in at a whopping 50g of alloy.

Don’t let his demeanour fool you, before being granted sentience by the Magicks of the Darkewood he was a very well kept (and fed 😂) housecat.

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