At Northumbrian Tin Soldier it is always a great thrill to see the final master castings of our Nightfolk fantasy miniatures.

If you have been keeping up to date with our earlier blog posts here and here .
Our new ‘Wymfolk’ character continues its journey from sculpted green,through to retail metal miniature.

Once again, Peter Brown at The Mouldmaker has worked his metal magic!

As well as sending photos we also received a surprise package of master castings as well !

The exceptionally detailed castings have captured all of the fine detail in Martins original sculpting.
And, as can be seen, the figure looks fantastic in its retail packaging.

Finally, in the hope that we can squeeze more work out of the great Andrew Taylor, we also sent him a master for painting.
So before long we should have some painted examples to share on the site.

We cannot wait to get them into the store.

Nearly there…..