Preparation continues in getting the first of our new Wyrmfolk character miniatures ready for casting and production.

The Wyrm has been carefully split in to five parts and they are being prepped to be master cast in pewter by Pete Brown at the Mouldmaker.

Because of the high temperatures involved in the moulding process, parts can slightly distort whilst cooling.

This can leading to fitment issues on multi part figures.

Once we receive the metal parts we check the castings to make sure everything lines up correctly.

We will then make any adjustments needed and send them back to Pete for final production.

Next Step…

A few extra castings are on order.

And once they arrive we can send an early copy to our painters.

We will also have some base models we can then chop up to convert into further Wyrmfolk characters .

Look out for our next update with more news and pictures once we receive the initial castings.