The Guardians of the Riverbank

The Silver River flows through the borders of the Darkwoode and away deep into the mist shrouded shadows beyond.
Known amongst the Nightfolk as the Moon Road, its wide and deep expanse creates a natural defence against incursions from the residents of Crumptown, and their Weaselfolk allies.
It is a fragile border in a perilous land.
The ‘Guardians of the Riverbank’ and their ‘Critterfolk’ friends have long watched and protected its last crossing. old and ancient bridge its iron gates chained and long rusted shut..

Our preparations for Salute 2019 are well under way.
Just to give you all a little preview of the new figures we will be showcasing.
Here are some of the new greens from our ‘Guardians of the Riverbank’ range.
Doughty heroes protecting the fords and crossings of the great Silver River.
We have just received the Metal Masters from Uncle Peter at the Mouldmaker.
Andrew Taylor will soon have a set to paint and production will start very soon.
More pics and news as we continue the build up to our new launches.