The Beardfolk

Dwarven bearded ladies and gentlemen with a Northumbrian Tin Soldier Twist


Dwarven Adventurers From A Forgotten Age

Over mountain , under mountain ,through forgotten lands they travel… The Beardfolk are making their way unto the Darkewood..
The Darkewood is a dangerous place but rumours of treasure and secret places abound.
As the Dwarven adventurers take their first steps into the shadows of the forest, and set forth to uncover the secrets of the Darkewood,
What will the brave companions discover….?

A range of 28mm metal miniatures with a Northumbrian Tin Soldier twist.
The Beardfolk 28mm fantasy miniatures are especially suitable for use with fantasy roleplaying and tabletop games such as;
Dungeons and Dragons, Frostgrave, Pathfinder and many other popular 28mm-32mm skirmish Wargames.

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28mm Fantasy Miniature - Dwarven adventurer - Northumbrian Tin Soldier
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