Guards! Guards! …Guards? – Boxed Set

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At the southern edges of a dark, dark wood, there was a dark, dark town.

In the dark, dark town, there was a dark, dark street.

In the dark, dark street, there was a dark, dark alley.

Down the dark, dark alley, there was a dark, dark tower.

Inside the dark, dark tower, there were some Guards,…they weren’t dark, but they were the most incompetent bunch you had ever seen.

Welcome to Twilights Edge recruit!

Wonderfully Characterful RPG Fantasy Miniatures – Suitable as a standalone set or incorporated into any D&D fantasy campaign or RPG skirmish game.

Beautifully presented in a foam-lined collectors box set.

Each box  includes a 7-piece set of RPG dice with a velvet dice pouch.

So what’s in the box??

9 x Fantastic 28mm Fantasy Guards and 1 x 50mm Ogre Guard with captured halfling thief, cast in white metal:

  • The Guards
  • Sergeant Honk – Angry Goose
  • Norbert Billington – Angrier Goose
  • Ogre Guard recruit and accessories
  • 7-piece set of RPG dice in a velvet pouch (colour may vary)
  • Plastic Bases are included

Please Note:

All Nightfolk figures are supplied unpainted.
It is important to realize white metal miniatures are not toys.
The models may contain small parts and also may require assembly.
Consequently, they are not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

1 review for Guards! Guards! …Guards? – Boxed Set

  1. Steve Peachey

    Highly detailed metal miniatures with hardly any flash. Easy to assemble ogre. Unique models and highly recommended

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